Katie’s Perfume Collection: Part 1

When you’re part of the YouTube community of bedroom broadcasters, there are certain neighborly conventions, like the round robins of “What’s in my purse?” videos. Or the “Naked Vlog” you’re supposed to post if tagged “it”. Well, you can “tag” your damn digits off, I ain’t playin’. The only community service I’m willing to perform is the one that makes sense to me: the perfume collection video. After months of requests, I finally caved. Here’s how it went down: I assembled my perfume bottles, the camera started rolling, I started talking, and an hour later...I was still talking. Turns out I have a lot of perfume. I’ve broken down my filibuster into five manageable sections, and I won’t know exactly how many bottles I own until I post Part 5. I counted them four times, and came up with a different number every time. Well, even if I’m bad at counting, I’m good at smelling good. Here are the fragrances from my personal collection featured in Part 1: 1. Prada L'Eau Ambrée 2. Comme des Garçons 2 Man 3. Bulgari Black 4. People of the Labyrinths A*Maze parfum 5. Yves Saint Laurent Kouros 6. Chanel No. 5 edt 7. Bulgari Jasmin Noir edp 8. Etro Shaal Nur 9. Juozas Statkevicius (aka Josef Statkus) 10. Amouage Jubilation XXV 11. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire 12. L'Artisan Parfumeur Passage D'Enfer 13. Jean Desprez Bal à Versailles parfum 14. Chanel Coromandel 15. Bruno Acampora Musc 16. Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory Have I hit on any of your fragrance faves -- or perfume Kryptonite, here? Click on the fragrance names for more information. Smell along with Katie: Perfume Collection Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.


  1. Comparing against my collection:

    Fragrance faves: L'Eau Ambree, Bvlgari Black and Jasmin Noir, also Bal a Versailles (bizarrely for me).

    Fragrance decantworthies: Passage d'Enfer, Shaal Nur

    Fragrance nemesis: Nuit Noire (cowers behind sofa!)

  2. This is my favorite video post that you've done! Love it!

  3. What fun:

    Own a bottle:
    1. Juozas Statkevicius (aka Joe Stat) hi-jacked by teenage son but worn by both of us
    2. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire (but really too skanky, even for me)
    3. A.W. Silver Factory- which has also grown feet and walked into teenager's room
    4. Chanel No 5. in every concentration possible, along with a number of vintage bottles
    5. Jubilation XXV-carefully hidden from the teenager
    6. Bal a Versaille parfum-untouched by son. Maybe I should offer him a drop? He tried Mitsouko at age 16. Could 17 be the year for Bal?

    1. PotL A*Maze

    No Krytonite here, although Nuit Noire may be close.

  4. ahhhh...you made me so happy this morning. I watched you instead of Ellen with my morning free time. I don't feel bad now seeing your collection. When I get the look of shame from my business partner when he sees my fragrance collection on my table I will now just smile. I still cannot find a bottle online of Juozas Statkevicius to try and I missed out on a bottle of Mona di Orio Nuit Noire recently so I am on the hunt again. When I heard you description of it I knew again..it is for me..what does that say...lol

  5. Chanel No 5 I have and treasure in the extrait. Bvlgari Black I have and love. I also have Bal a Versailles, but I don't wear it that often. I tend to sniff the cap like you did and think "Oh, barnyard!" and put it back for a more naughty time. (I should have more naughty times!) I also like Jasmine Noir, not so much on me, but enough that I bought it for my favourite dramatic aunt.

  6. Oh, I have a sample of Coromandel, but my husband's reaction, "Sour socks!", stopped me from buying it.

  7. Faves: Coromandel, Bal à V, Shaal Nur, A*Maze and I suspect Juozas Stat too, once I get to smell it.
    Mehs: Passage d'Enfer, Bvlgari Black, Nuit Noire
    Eek: Chanel no. 5. Iconoclast, I know.

    Coromandel is truly gorgeous, but I still just Cannot. Wear. Patchouli. Aaaagh. Maybe some day.

    So I'm curious: no decants? Or just way too many to include in a vid?

  8. Just want to say I love this video! It feels so natural--like I'm your house and you're sharing your collection with me. Too bad you can't spray me with a couple of them....

  9. Oh Krista, if only all the sour socks in the world could smell like Coromandel, what a wonderful life this would be.

  10. Arachne - love the "faves-mehs-eek" breakdown method. May have to "borrow" that. Decants? Approximately one million, including samples. I have Pen Pal Dan to thank for all of my decants.

    What do you think, fumies? Should I do a decant/samp vid, too?

    m61, what a groovy son you have! And you're smart to hide Jubiliation XXV, cuz he's sure to love that, too. Re Bal à Versailles: I've had positive feedback from guys who've worn it. (I pitch it as a "leathery nag champa" to them.) Sonny boy could try a drop.

    Glad you're all digging this vid...especially since there are 4 more episodes coming up! Was hesitant about lumbering y'all with my rambling, but it seems that people are more tolerant than I gave them credit for being....

  11. Ah, this was fab, funny, sweet and very entertaining. I loved the story about the Nuit Noire. Wish I could wear Bal a Versailles, but it reminds me of an ex-best friend. :-( Still lots to love here, though. I think I will get some Bond No.9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory--it sounds like my kind of frag.

  12. If I had to list my decants, my fingers would drive themselves right through the keyboard.

  13. queen cupcake - re Nuit Noire, sometimes misdirection is the right direction! Glad you enjoyed the fume tour.

    m61 - good point, who wants to list decants. Here's where I need a fume roadie.

  14. Katie, I loved this. The stories and the personal history with each one are really fascinating. Can't wait for the next installments!

    You've inspired me to put on my Black, which I have and like very much and don't wear very often. Somehow, although I always feel "up" to big smutty classics like Mitsouko, I can't always summon the energy for rubber. I'd like to try, though.

  15. Oh, yes, this vid is fantastic! I agree with Nina and enjoyed the invitation to "come on in" and get to smellin' the goods. I especially liked how after spraying one fragrance you used your fingers to rub it over your wrist, spreading it out for a full sniff. It was like unrolling a scrolled document to reveal the secret message or map it held. Who knew you could do that? I didn't! I've been holding my breath, spraying my wrists, and doing a ridiculous arm drying wave with every frag spray--like when you spray on some underarm deodorant. Don't touch it! It has to settle! Well, now I know and I can't wait to really "open up" and get the most of my fumes and my nose!

  16. That's so nice to hear, Hilary and Jenny...thanks! Hilary, it's true that some perfumes require that your loins are fully girded before you engage with them.

    Jenny - ha-ha, I do the Funky Chicken to dry my deodorant. Perfume-wise, a quick swipe against your clothes or another part of your body cuts to the chase of the scent, leveling off the alcohol cloud on top. Of course, you're also wiping off some of the perfume, but when you're in a hurry to figure out the smell, it works fine.

  17. My favorite video so far, like having a good conversation. Thanks Katie!

    I really want to like Bulgari Black, but it goes all powdery on me.

    Borneo is my Coromandel.

    Will have to try Bond Silver Factory. I'm looking for a new incense. Love Chembur, hate Bois d'Encens... Other than those in the video, anyone have other suggestions?

    (don't know why my username is coming up N -- it's Nicole)

  18. Thanks, (N)icole! For a list of incenses I like, go to this Perfume Pen Pal post:

    Just applied a bit of my Byredo Chembur samp to live it along with you, and I'm enjoying the gingery freshness of it. There's a similar play of dark against light with Etro Shaal Nur, with lemon and rosemary taking the place of ginger against a subtle incense note.

    Also check out CdG Ouarzazate for an incense with spice.

    Borneo and Coromandel are soul sisters/blood brothers.

  19. oh I so should have bought Silver Factory instead of Chelsea Flowers - I see that it IS okay to have many of a similar type of fragrance...pheww!