Katie’s Perfume Collection: Part 2

When I posted the first of my perfume collection videos last week, I was surprised -- happily -- by the response. It turns out that people have a higher tolerance for my squirrelly off-the-cuff fume ramblings than I anticipated. Good thing, too, because there are three more of these "Puckrik Unplugged" collection vids coming up after this one. And I just discovered that I left out a bottle. (I promise I'll make it up to you, Comme des Garçons Daphne.)

Picking up where I left off in Part 1, Part 2 sees me doh-dee-doh-ing my way from number 17 to 29 of my sniffy buddies.

Here are the featured fragrances:

1. Shiseido Feminité du Bois (now available in the Serge Lutens line)
2. Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba
3. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely liquid satin
4. Parfumerie Generale L’Oiseau de Nuit
5. Frédéric Malle Une Rose
6. Le Labo Labdanum 18
7. Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur oil
8. Ultima II Sheer Scent
9. Solange Azagury Partridge Cosmic
10. Solange Azagury Partridge Stoned
11. Ormonde Jayne Tolu parfum
12. Guerlain Attrape Coeur
13. Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance

Any of these tickle or torture your nose?

Click on the fragrance names for more information.

Smell along with Katie: Perfume Collection Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.


  1. I think it was March'n'me from the Posse who first spotted the jus d'homme factor of Acqua di Cuba... That happened on my skin especially. Turned me into the bukkake king. TMI?

    And baby, you have no Sex-aaay to prove. We know you got it going on.

    Oh, and my word verification is sperdsch. German Acqua di Cuba no less.

  2. Katie, bring it on. I love the video tour through your collection. The body language, facial expressions, off-the-cuff commentary, etc. are entertaining, spontaneous, and personal. I do read quite a few of the perfume blogs but they all have the option of heavy editing. Your approach is so fresh!

  3. as always a happy morning with Katie in my life. thank you for the great video. I just splurged on a bottle of Patchouli 24. I was just thinking the other day when I was deciding. Did I need a new fragrance right now...YES..lol...Le Labo scents are pretty amazing. They are all present and stay true the whole time I am wearing them. and for you'll know why Katie, I named it after a wonderful other furry Presence in my life, Phoebe. I think after watching the video I need some Acqua di Cuba. ps..I always laugh at the verification words....there have been some funny ones. I am glad to hear someone mention one.

  4. leopoldo, s'funny how popular "sperdsch" is as a fume note. And yes, I do remember reading March's account on Perfume Posse about your Acqua di Cuba consumer comparison test:
    It would seem that your first impression of AdC's honey-gone-bad was "mildewy washcloth", not actual sperdsch. That particular light bulb must have flashed later. And if the light bulb was an ultraviolet one, you'd see the stains, too.

  5. Aw, thanks, queen cupcake and onesmalldog, glad you're gleaning perfume nutrition from the vids.

    That's cute that you personalize your Le Labos with your doggie's name, onesmalldog. I'll bet that's a compelling factor in your decision to purchase from that line!

  6. hey katie..thanks for the shout out. it does make me love Le Labo even more...that I can make it connect with my life in some way. by the way..how is that cute Rodrigo? is the sexy beast video going to come someday?

  7. I just like the words powdery and animal together. Makes me smile.

    Feminité du Bois (the new one) smells too old-lady-y for me, maybe it's the prunes! Wanted to like it tho.

    Love the Solange bottles, sooo jealous.

    Lady Vengeance: love the film, hate the perfume.

    I've had a Musc Ravageur sample I've been too polite to test, in spite of my like for most things Roucel.
    Also, do the Malle oils last longer than their edp fragrances? I had a Lys Mediterrane (spelling!) decant that turned from realy-real tigerlily to sweet-n-nasty in a few short months. Maybe the shelf life of the other Malles is better but I'm a little wary...

    (word verification "bilks").

  8. Utterly charming, as usual. Katie is "must see TV" for me. Can't wait for part trois.

    Thanks also for enlightening the mases on the the whole perfume gender hogwash. Does one look at a Monet or a Van Gogh or a Vermeer and say "Oh that's too feminine for me!". I think not. Art and beauty are genderless.

  9. Ah, Féminité du Bois. The one I so *wanted* to love since it's a cult favourite. I hate it. I believe it's down to the plum; no perfume that boasts a plum or prune note agrees with me, including all the Mauboussins, Bois de Violette, the original Poison and TF Black Orchid.
    I'm intrigued by the Lovely liquid satin version - the regular didn't do much for me. Didn't like the raspy, cheap musks. (It's an unwieldy name though. It reminds me irresistibly of that '90s infomercial on Lllllliquid Lllllleather, in which it was helpfully demonstrated how to repair a leather sofa slashed by a disembodied hand holding a hunting knife. A common problem, as I'm sure you'll agree.)

  10. Sfunny rereading that. I think we said sperdsch to each other, but just shows how much more restrained we were 2 years ago...

  11. Hi everyone,
    I'm enjoying this so much. A tour through someone's collection! (Kind of like the garden tours that people arrange around here, that I am scared to go to ...) A roll in the hay...with someone else's hay!!! (That's a metaphor...not what I imagine actually goes on during a tour of a garden.) So thrilling to smell these with you.

  12. onesmalldog, Rodrigo is increasingly irresistible. He greatly enjoyed the Oscar telecast, because it meant a larger group of humans to lavish attention on him. You've just reminded me that I do need to get around to having him review dog perfumes, including "Sexy Beast".

    Nicole, I've never done a side by side of old vs new Féminité du Bois, but the LuckyScent site says the new one's top notes are softer and the base muskier. I've never had a visual of "grandma" with the old FdB, though...

    The idea of being too polite to test something is funny. Re the Malle oil version of Musc Ravageur, I've had my bottle for about 3-4 years, and it seems fit as a fiddle. Perhaps different perfumes from the line have more volatility than others.

  13. Thanks, Scott! And I don't know how much enlightening is really going on, since a lot of people have a pretty unbudgeable idea that fragrance not only has a gender, but also contains a magical love potion that conveniently targets the object of desire, but only if you're a girl wearing girl perfume and you need to end up with a boy. And likewise for boys wearing boy cologne to put girls under their power. It's almost like a conspiracy theory for fragrance!

  14. Arachne - *all* plum notes? How about the plummy-rosy-jammy gorgeousness that is By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses? And Indult Isvaraya is another plummy perfume that makes me go "mmmmmmmmMMMM".

    Heh, "Liquid Leather". Love the random violence of informercial reality.

    Yeah, leopoldo! The (love) gloves are off now over at the Posse, for sure!

    Glad you're enjoying the roll in my hay, Cheryl! Just try not to leave any sperdsch in it.

  15. (love) glove? Sounds like a euphemism to me. Might not want to take them off!

    I am really enjoying the reminiscing as you talk about your collection. And what a name dropper! haha. Can't wait for the next installment.

  16. Frag Friend: heh, "namedropper". Believe me, I was thrilled to meet Linda Pilkington - what a charming, fascinating person, and what wonderful insights she gave me into making her perfumes. I was honored to receive perfume gifts from her and from Solange Azagury-Partridge. Happy to give them shout-outs!

    And I love my euphemisms. The stupider, the better.

  17. Well, perhaps it is unfair of me to blame *all* plum notes; it's just that that particular unpleasantly nose-tickling sensation seems to coincide with plum in the pyramid. So I figure it must be *some* aromachemical commonly used to build a plum accord that doesn't agree with me. Haven't tried the two you mention, though!

  18. Ah, the written word. sometimes what is meant as a nudge, nudge, wink wink comes across as a criticism. Love hearing about all the folks you come across.

    Have you a recommendation for a frag that has both oriental and floral?

  19. Frag Friend, there are a bazillion gorgeous floral orientals out there. Personal faves of mine include Miller Harris Fleur Oriental, Kenzo Flower Oriental, Burberry Classic (and the ritzy-titsy version of that, By Kilian Liasons Dangereuses), Guerlain Attrape Coeur, and Amouage Lyric for Women.

  20. Oh, and not to worry, Frag Friend, your nudging and winking came through loud and clear!