Perfume Pen Pals: SJP NYC


What happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s dirty manly perfume? Is SJP NYC what became of it? Strawberry? And why do I want to smell this? (I did love Shasta Strawberry soda as a kid. Though not as much as Shasta Grape.)



I tried SJP NYC the other day at the mall, and it's nasty. It's the smell of the air in a Bath & Body Works store: a mindless jumble of artificial, unspecified fruitiness and hell.

When I smelled it, my thought was, "Oh, I get it. Sarah Jessica Parker needs to deliver a hit album to the record company, so she's just slapping her name on this cynical teen-bait."

I, too, am waiting for SJP's dirty manly perfume. The last I heard was that the perfumer she's working with was ordering cases of Tauer Perfumes L'Air du Desert Marocain. And that she personally wears the stuff, too.



The SJP site says it was inspired by the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw and it's about freedom, possibilities and "fabulous style." Are you saying fabulous style smells like artificial fruit?

This is disappointing after reading all about SJP's sophisticated sense of smell and her upcoming "dirty" perfume. How many times must we endure being let down by our celebrities?

"It's the smell of the air in a Bath & Body Works store: a mindless jumble of artificial, unspecified fruitiness and hell."

That's not exactly the SJP NYC ad copy. In fact, the ad copy is:

"The new scent by Sarah Jessica Parker that brings fragrance and fashion together in a surprising new way."

You should put both on your blog and let people who've sampled it pick the most accurate one.



  1. i just refuse to smell this. refuse.

    however, i *am* excited for the Tilda Swinton fragrance by Etat Libre d'Orange.

    They know how to do celebrity scents. I have&love the Rossy de Palma one

    (but i don't like the bottle-- it looks like a bad tattoo. or that brand billy jealousy)

  2. "The new scent by Sarah Jessica Parker that brings a mindless jumble of artificial, unspecified, fruity fragrance and hellish fashion together in a surprising new way."

    Will that do?

  3. It's dreadful. It smells like one of those strawberry "little tree" car air fresheners. So, yeah, I'm with Katie's description. And Melisand61's is also apt.

  4. Oh man. This is pretty scathing... perhaps I shall neglect to mention that I kinda liked this frag....

  5. Cases of L'Air du Desert Marocain, eh? I think SJP should work with Andy Tauer for her next celeb fragrance.

  6. Oh, perfect, Justin! Cut out the middleman, right?

    mimzywhimzy, I probably should qualify that I have a low tolerance for fruit perfumes, perhaps because they do call to mind "little tree" air fresheners and gas station lavatories. Although uncharacteristically, I'm quite taken with the fruity free-for-all that is Nez a Nez Bouche Baie, which has a horrific combination of resort cocktail fruit notes.

    Melisand61,I think you've covered all bases with that description!

    dea, I, too am excited for the Swinton smell, for the reasons you mentioned. Oh, and apt comparison to Billy Jealousy graphics.

  7. after reading the perfect scent I was all about that dirty fragrance that would come someday. turned me on to mixing my own combos to see what would work. sad that it hasn't happened. As always I learn something here. I am excited to hear about the Tilda Swinton frag. pumpkin. I can only wonder what that will be like. keep us posted if you smell it first.

  8. Maybe SJP's chronically crippled feet from her shoe habit have addled her brain?

    I like the fact that the new Tilda Swinton fragrance is going to be orange in every way.

  9. flittersniffer, she's probably just a good businesswoman.

    Tilda's perfume orangeness! Like her hair!