Perfume Pen Pals: Anat Fritz


Lately I'm just wearing a bunch of lavenders and eau de colognes. Which makes me feel guilty because, jeez, why do I own so many damn perfumes if I'm perfectly fine wearing a simple lavender every day?

Maybe it's like those people who have to buy a big fat house before they realize they never wanted a big fat house. Except I always hate those people. They're so self-congratulatory about their stupid newfound life wisdom.

I blind-bought the original Anat Fritz, which is no longer in production. It's just lavender, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli, spare but also edgy and rough. Have you ever sampled it?



I knew nothing of Anat Fritz. Which I keep reading as "Anal Fizz." But “thanks” for sending a decant.

Anat Fritz smells like an ashtray into which Great Aunt Molly has discretely spat her half-sucked Wint O Green Lifesaver.

Great Aunt Molly, mid-Wint O Green.

Oh wait -- it's calmed down. Now it smells like the dried mineral deposit under an intermittently leaky sink located in a shed in the Mojave Desert.

Stop wearing this.



“Leaky sink in a shed in the Mojave Desert” sounds great! Better than the perfume smells, I think. I knew you’d hate this one, unless you loved it, which also wouldn’t have surprised me. But don’t worry, I stop wearing everything, even the good stuff. There are so many bottles in my house!

Look, KP -- the perfume you’d ordered me to stop wearing was named the 490th Greatest Modern Perfume!*

I’m wearing it again this morning and while I can’t abide by the first part of your commentary (one, Great Aunt Molly doesn’t smoke and, two, I don’t even have a Great Aunt Molly), the second part is eerily precise.

The original Anat Fritz really does smell like some rusty sink in a long-abandoned shed near some old mining town, not like Calico, which has been turned into a corny tourist destination that probably employs someone just to check for leaks, but more like Ballarat, where these guys...

...likely left the faucet on 75 years ago and nobody noticed. I don’t think a negative comment has ever made me like a perfume as much yours has. Thanks!

(Though I just went on vacation and, as usual, brought only a cologne -- Chanel Eau de Cologne -- and a lavender -- Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge -- and, as usual, I recognized that this was all I really required. Why do I have so many bottles of perfume? I need to get rid of most of them before I die or it’s going to be so embarrassing.)


*by Basenotes so...y’know...whatever

P.S. This will ruin the leaky-faucet theory, but apparently Ballarat has no water. I learned this while researching the above photo and finding out the fellow on the left, Seldom Seen Slim, was a prospector who’d moved to Ballarat between 1914-1917, after everyone else had skipped town, and stayed there until his death in 1968, living in all of the town’s abandoned buildings. For most of those years he was the Ballarat’s sole resident and because there was no water (or electricity), he had to travel 30 miles just to take a bath. Which he did once a year, earning himself the second nickname “Seldom Clean Slim.”

Find the reformulated Anat Fritz, now called "Classical", at

Perfume Pen Pals: Eris Parfums


Have you worn any of the Eris perfumes yet? It's the line created by Scent and Subversion author Barbara Herman with Antoine Lie. I got my samples and immediately put on Belle de Jour for no reason other than I’m compulsive and it’s the first sample my pudgy fingers pulled out of the bag.

Fumes in the News: What Stinks, Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp: he who smelt it, dealt it.

Deep in the Mojave, Johnny Depp is rolling down his sleeves after fixing a flat on his Volvo 245 DL. Suddenly, a mephitic odor assails his handsome, kohl-rimmed nostrils.

What the...?”

Johnny's brow crumples into furrows, his mouth into a moue as he strains to identify the source of the stench.

Perfume Pen Pals: Le Labo Santal 33 and Diptyque Tam Dao


Have you ever gifted an expensive bottle of perfume to someone without knowing whether or not they’d like it? Which is yet another version of, “Are you sometimes stupid like I am?”

Beth is one of my only friends who loves perfume and despite that, she recently purchased a whole bottle of Le Labo Santal 33. Because she loves it. And as her friend, I should support her decision, there’s nothing riding on this, after all, it’s not like she’s joining a cult.

Comme des Garcons Floriental

For a brand known for its chic eccentricity, Comme des Garçons can also surprise by keeping surprises to a minimum. I refer specifically to CdG's perfumes that comprise a virtual forest, a world of woods which includes the Incense and Blue Series, along with Black, Serpentine, Laurel, Hinoki, 2 Man and Wonderwood. (Hmm, seems I was complaining of "wood fatigue" back in my 2010 review of Wonderwood.)