Amouage Jubilation XXV something the three wise men might have brought the Precious Baby Jesus.

Jubilation XXV is available from and, starting at $245 for 1.7 oz


  1. Something out of the Bible, indeed!
    Les Senteurs have sent me a replacement for the broken Jubilation 25 - and included a sample of the XXV as well.

    I already know that I love 25, so I'm testing XXV on my skin, and I find that the architecture of the fragrance is really good. I so dislike luscious or oriental scents that collapse and go all mushy and all-over-the-place on me. XXV stands tall. It is quite a strong fragrance, but soft at the same time - there's nothing abrasive. I would be very happy to wear this for the office as it doesn't appear to be a scent that would kill anyone elses perfume enjoyment. XXV shows admirable restraint without losing any arm-sniffing appeal.

    J25 will be my first (and perhaps only) Amouage purchase somewhere down the line, it's simply almost too good to be true aldehyde-floral-chypre lover that I am - but Amouage and Les Senteurs definitely know how to tempt an unsuspecting woman, Old Testament style.

  2. Junelady - once Les Senteurs start throwing in the goodies, its "devil get thee behind me" time, Old Testament style. The temptations start to loom large.

    XXV gets good "reviews" when I wear it in close quarters with other people. You don't have to apply too much, and it hums along nicely. Like you say, nothing abrasive.

  3. Well, on that note Thursday June 17th is now officially Jubilation XXV test run day. I have back to back meetings, so it's a fitting day to test the fragrance up close, if not exactly personal. And the dignified feel of JXXV might be exactly what I will need tomorrow.

    Thanks for the tip on moderate application. It's hard to estimate the strenth of a new scent.