Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance

...a bombshell fragrance: all curves, no survivors.

A true fumehead is always on the hunt for the next, ever more beautiful fragrance. You might already have 5...20...50...250 bottles in your collection, but that doesn’t mean that the latest “best perfume you’ve ever smelled in your life” isn’t just around the corner. A fragrance obsessive’s life is a nomadic one of desire, brief satisfaction, then renewed, even more feverish desire.

My Perfume Pen Pal Dan and I refer to this as “Clooney Syndrome”, after actor George Clooney’s hearty appetite for a seemingly endless parade of lovely ladies. Whether movie star or porn star, waitress or hostess, George exhibits a sweetly “in the moment” enthusiasm for all of them. No matter which Charlie’s Angel or Hooters Girl he’s squiring, you get that sense of “this could be the one”. And she is, at least until there’s a new “the one”.

And so it is for the fumehead. My newest “the one” is Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun. Prompted by a KP Smells viewer, I investigated the JHG line and fell hard for Lady V’s sweet buttery rose and patchouli wiles. I didn’t even think I liked sweet perfumes, until Lady Vengeance waved her feather boa in my face and told me otherwise. And anyway, the earthy patchouli gives it enough of a backbone so that you’re not smothered in caramel goo.

So Lady Vengeance and I are a couple, I’m completely satisfied. Except I just heard that Juliette Has a Gun are coming out with a “dark rose” called “Midnight Oud”. Uh-oh, Clooney Syndrome strikes again....


  1. awesome review :)
    i am loving the blog :)

  2. Hi Katie, please enter me into the giveaway. I would really like the Citizen Queen scent. My youtube name is midnightbreeze2

  3. Hii Katie.
    Could you please enter me into the giveaway.
    I would like the Lady Vengance scent please. My youtube name is SWNewestMusic

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  5. Hi Katie!please enter me!! I would like The Miss Charming please! Thanks!!) my yotube name is 09Jane09

  6. 09Jane09, SWNewestMusic and midnightbreeze2 - go ahead and repost your entry under the "Juliette Has a Gun Giveaway" post on the front page, otherwise you'll miss out on being included. Thanks!

    Thanks Brenda! And so glad you all found me in the world of written communication!

  7. Katie - AWESOME review. Must try now!

  8. Wonderful Review!
    I tried Lady Vengeance in the Summer of 2007 and it was "love at first sniff". And Im not a fan of rose scents, but this one is just "glistening"... A must try!

  9. Ooh, Sabrina, "glistening"! Yes!