Kat Von D Saint

...not for you Queen of Sheba types.

I didn’t have high expectations for Saint by Kat Von D. The fact that the tattoo artist has a makeup line at Sephora makes sense, since her LA Ink TV audiences are familiar with her predilection for turning her body into an a illuminated manuscript of ye olden rockabilly days. It’s only a small conceptual leap from pin-up war paint to needled-on tats, after all.

But the connection between skin-scribbler and scent seemed less organic and more like a cynical cash-in. There was no reason why this perfume needed to smell good. I actually sighed as I reached for the tester.

But as my sigh turned into a sniff, and my sniff turned into a spritz, I involuntarily emitted a pleasantly surprised “hmm!” Sure enough, Saint falls bouncily into the safety net of teen-friendly sweet fruity-florals.

But once you live through the candied fruit and vanilic white floral smorgasbord, this eau de parfum reveals a simple, milky sandalwood that is very appealing. Appealing - like the virgin skin that must still lie somewhere beneath all of Kat’s colored ink.

Saint is available at Sephora & Amazon, starting at $42 for 1 oz.