Kat Von D Sinner

...a "hot night out" perfume for junior vixens.

I was practically gritting my teeth as I approached Sinner by Kat Von D. Saint, the “good girl” scent from television’s tattooed temptress, had slightly disarmed me by not being depressingly banal. It’s banal, all right, but cheerfully so, and is as good a bet for teens and teens-at-heart as any other juicebox schlock out there. Not to get all “damning with faint praise” on Von D’s inked ass, but I was surprised at how coherent Saint is for such an apparent exercise in cashing in. Figuring Saint was flukily competent (and flukey competence is something I strive for daily), I reset my expectations to low for Sinner. And guess what? Sinner is even better than Saint! And not in a begrudging, “Well, I guess the kids will like it” way, but in an embracing, “Hey! I like it!” way. Which is my favorite way to like something. Sinner is pretty and sweet and floral and woody and musky and doesn’t hurt my eyes. Sinner is a winner!
Sinner is available at Amazon, starting at $42 for 1 oz.