Kenzo / Flower

...nothing here that smells like an actual flower — on planet Earth, that is.

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  1. quite possibly your most entertaining review ever...have you sampled Kenzo Power yet? After reading countless times how a certain perfume "would also smell good on a man," I am thrilled to announce that this would also smell great on a woman...

  2. Thanks for the plaudits! Re Kenzo Power, I'm with you - it would smell great on a woman - this woman, in fact. I was first drawn to Power's Sigg bottle-like packaging, and upon sniffing, was pleasantly surprised to find some of my favorite 'fume friends in the mix: ambery labdanum and powdery-herbal tolu balsam. Thanks for reminding me of this one...I'm going to review it.

  3. So after mentioning this yesterday, and then liberally spraying it all over myself today I came to watch your review.

    My kids love this scent, and my husband does too. It's as if when I spray it on He looks at me as if I am no longer wearing normal clothes but am instead bedecked in a red silk teddy, lounging on the bed with a fan blowing my hair all around in soft focus.

    My kids say I smell snuggly when I wear it. I feel like an imposter, but I do love the smell. It is clean and dirty all at the same time.

  4. Maggie -- I have a thing with some of my perfumes where the feeling is "someday I'll grow into this one." Like I'll live up to its promise. Despite your uncertainty, it sounds like with Flower, it sounds like you've lived up to the promise. Clean and dirty at the same time is pretty good going!

  5. Hi katie.
    I love love flower, it is the only perfume i can use during day time, that is because i live in a very hot wheatther, so perfumes gives me headache some tiemes . But i would like to have a back up, can you recomend something similar to the kenzo flower rage because i use all of them, le parfume, essentielle orinetal etc. Recently i got love chloe because of the powderynes but its is to heavy still, and i got infusion d iris edt, but it is to freshhh or green for my taste, maybe it is because it is the edt, but i like the powdery note, so can you help me find something good, thankyou, elisa

    1. Elisa, you might give Chanel No. 19 Poudré a try, as well as Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice. Both are powdery perfumes on the lighter side.

  6. ThAnk you i wil ;)