Burger King Flame

...better than it needs to be.

Flame is the desperately sought-after fragrance available exclusively from the House of Burger King. After its Christmas 2008 launch in the U.S. at $4 a bottle, it apparently sold out in four days. I take a perverse and admittedly pathetic pride in being the only person in the world to actually review Flame's fragrance. Others have been content merely to make flaccidly obvious jokes about smelling like meat, attracting dogs, etc -- without even cracking open the bottle! Intrepid perfume reporter that I am, I went that extra six inches and applied it to my skin. And then I made flaccidly obvious jokes.

If there’s any doubt that Flame is a “real” fragrance, let me point out that the ad copy is authentically overcooked:
“Flame is the world's first perfume to contain the irresistible, sizzling overtones of the Whopper. Behold the scent of seduction with a subtle hint of flame-grilled beef."

Compare with this excerpted blurb for Tom Ford For Men Extreme:
“A finely curated collection of herbs and spices, [with] rounded notes of Brogiotto black fig, violet and plum, are warmed with sandalwood and cedar. A rich mix of masculine accords including leather, aged patchouli, and Japanese incense shroud this epicurean blend in lasting layers of sensuality.”

Substitute “Whopper” for “Brogiotto black fig” and “flame-grilled beef” for “Japanese incense”, and I think you pretty much have the same fragrance. I’m not kidding. Flame smells like a quality woody/leather masculine -- for all three minutes of its lifespan.

I checked with Mark Crames, CEO of Demeter, the company that makes Flame. He confirmed my woody leather analysis, adding that Flame is based around a mahogany note. But he emphasized his need to remain vague about specifics, in order to maintain Flame’s “mystery”.

Flame: lending new meaning to “mystery meat”.

Burger King Flame may be available on e-bay.com