Marc Jacobs Daisy

...a white flowers'n'fruit smoothie.

The daisy is such a sunny, happy, unpretentious little flower. This prolific weed is a favored subject of artistic toddlers and neurotic old doodlers alike. A field of daisies is practically an invitation to a childlike frolic through its midst. Marc Jacobs was certainly banking on these easy-breezy associations (well, maybe not the neurotic old doodlers part) when he named his grassy/floral/berry fragrance “Daisy”.

So far, so fruity-floral. But what do real daisies actually smell like? A Google search revealed much about the popularity and hardiness of the beloved wildflower, but stayed cagey on its odor. Turns out that while certain cultivated daisies have no scent at all, most daisies are described as “disagreeable” and “foul-smelling”. But foul-smelling how? Like ass? Like an unwashed knit beanie? Like rice-cracker breath?

I struck stank gold when I found a website called “Things That Stink”. Amid TMI postings on the aroma of Cameron Diaz’s burps and Matthew McConaughey’s pits was an item on the smell of daisies. Apparently, they smell like toe jam.

So much for “fresh as a daisy”.

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