10 Corso Como

...smells like skin after it's been subjected to private activities.

Launched in 1999, 10 Corso Como was created by Olivier Gillotin for the artsy-pants Milanese boutique of the same name. Listed notes include sandalwood, frankincense, musk, rose, geranium, vetiver and oud wood oil, but none of the ingredients pop with high-def clarity. Instead, they’re fuzzed out like a fifth generation VHS tape from 1987. A tape that turns an episode of Full House into Monet’s Water Lilies. You can make out shapes and colors, but that’s about it. The familiar becomes muted and beguilingly weird.

10CC has an almost-fermented, sour scent that’s borderline “personal”. The woods give it a “I smell like this on purpose, people!” safety net, and the rose gives it prettiness.

This eau de parfum has a kinship with Stella McCartney Stella’s salty rose musk, but Stella is too controlled for any weirdness. I’m also reminded of Chanel Égoïste’s rose and milky-sour sandalwood, but Égoïste throws in more spices and glows with a sweet vanilla halo. Neither is as twangy-strange as 10CC.

10 Corso Como is available from Amazon.com and LuckyScent.com, starting at $85 for 50ml


  1. OOOOOH, re-reading this (after clicking the link in the Unifaith convo) i might have to try it!

  2. Laura, you need to know about 10CC! Every time I smell it, I think of the singer Alison Goldfrapp. This is her current favorite perfume.

  3. Hi Katie,
    Can you tell me if 10 Corso Como smells anything like Tom Ford Amber Absolute? I smelled the latter the other day and it instantly sparked some scent memory of 10CC, but judging by the notes, my brain must be terribly mistaken. Unfortunately, my sample of 10CC is gone and I can neither confirm nor deny. Could you compare/contrast for me when you have a moment? Thanks in advance!

  4. Exotic Life - the two are completely different. 10CC is more delicate than the thick, some might say bludgeoning Amber Absolute (which I wore solidly, and bludgeoningly, straight through an entire bottle and some generous samples before I moved on.) 10CC is a sheer blend of rose and sandalwood and oud, woody but not syrupy ambery.