DKNY Woman Summer 2012, Hugo Boss Orange Woman, and Korres Saffron Amber Cardamom

I know. What is this nonsensical grouping of perfumes I am smelling here? It can only mean one thing: I am once again at the HQ of beauty/fashion/pop goss website Beauty & the Dirt, where perfumes come to rest like so many pigeons on a statue. B&TD fearless leader Krista Madden marched me through the olfactory hodgepodge. I couldn't make heads or tails out of Boss Orange Woman (is that for lady Oompa Loompas?). The DKNY Woman Summer 2012? Well, it's hard to get too invested when it's only around for a few months. If DKNY don't think it's worth the long haul, then neither do I. Korres Saffron Amber Cardamom is more my speed. At least it smelled gustatory and real-ish. It was my favorite in the pack, a transparent spiced affair that is warm but not thick.
DKNY Woman Summer 2012 is available from at $70 for 3.3 oz Hugo Boss Orange Woman is available from Beauty Encounter starting at $34 for 1.6 oz Korres Saffron Amber Cardamom is available from at $48 for 3.4 oz
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  1. Bright Angel Katie: I just purchased Korres Saffron Amber Cardamom. Your analysis and description sounded INCREDIBLE. As far as I am concerned, your's, Dan's and Mr. Burr's word is GOSPEL!!!~ I cannot wait to try it. I pray that your Summer is going swimmingly despite the horrendous heatwaves. Love when you two get together, it is really fun, very personal and real. Thank you again for the exquisite recommendation. Take care.

    1. Byron, do let me know how the Korres works for you. No heatwaves where I am, only non-stop rain in most un-summery London.

    2. Good Evening Katie: I just received my Korres in the mail from the UK. I took a shower and sprayed it all over my arm. The scent is very rich and creamy smelling. It has some serious longevity and sillage. I do like it and it is clean and creamy. However, I do not think I would purchase it again. I equate this along the line with Kiehl's Musk. It has that "density" to it. However, Kiehl's is blended much more expertly than this fragrance. The box was very unique and a lot of artistic effort went into it. I am also finding out that I need to spend time with these fragrances. You need to spend at couply of days and go through several 24 hour periods to REALLY get the gist of these colognes. So, from now on, I am going to wait and let them develop and go from there. Again, Thank you for your analysis and expert critiques. They are very entertaining and informative. Have an incredible day!!!~

    3. Byron, your feedback is always welcome because you're so thorough, and have tried a wide range of fragrances. Korres' ethos is to keep everything "natural" (though I'm not sure what that means these days; their website will have more info), so for perfume, that often means a less nuanced (but still pleasing) fragrance. Anyway, who can really buy a second bottle of anything when there is so much out there to try?

    4. Bright Angel Katie: I swear you get more and more AWESOME!!!~ This blog is getting really intense and engaging. Ohmyword. It is so cool. Have you read all the people responding to your posts. It is EXQUISITE!!!~ Honey - these people love you!!!~ Thank you, my Queen for responding and have a great time with each new entry. Even if I do not post, I am lurking and reading. FEAR NOT!!!~