Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense

Woolite Intense.

The latest Chloé flanker, Chloé Eau de Parfum Intense, is anything but. Intense, that is. No one's going to be throwing heavy metal devil horn fingers upon smelling Intense's billowing suds. But in the context of the previous Chloés (the Eau de Toilette and non-intense Eau de Parfum), with their passive-aggressive innocence, Intense's shy uptick of rose and amber amidst the killing fields of soap, soap and more soap does signal the beginnings of a personality, if not quite a spine.

(I enjoyed reading Octavian's interpretation of Chloé Intense as a sixties throwback on 1000 Fragrances. Check it out if you haven't already.)

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  1. Katie!!!

    I will have 2 words swimming around in my brain today. Its got a lot of space to swim in!;) I will be hearing in my head "nipple hard-on". Only Katie Puckrik can come up with those classic one liners! Smelling like a laundry pile won't set this blokes loins in motion either.

  2. I'm sorry, but "nipple hard-on" pales in comparison to "Clean Has No Genitalia."

    I was considering a run for Congress, but held back because I didn't realize fully what my platform or message was. I have now found that message.

    Porkpie 2011: Because Clean Has No Genitalia.

    - Steve Porkpie Hat Johnson

  3. Also - any perfume that bills itself as Intense is a must to avoid. The word Intense must mean the opposite in Scentyland - seriously, if you're making great stink, you DON'T NEED TO SAY IT'S INTENSE. People will understand.

  4. Wait - - so genitalia is, by your definition, unclean? I mean, if ya wanna get right down to it, is anything clean? No. So haha to you. And did your hubby make you laugh when you said nipple hard on?

    And I like your lipstick!

  5. Stefush,

    V. funny! I could have a future in political speech writing:

    Porkpie 2011: No Genitalia Left Behind.

    I presume you're running for congress in Scentyland?

  6. SoS,

    I think I was laughing at my own doofyness. The husb was in standard directorial position: lying flat on his back in the dark on the floor behind the camera, eyes shut.

    Lipstick: I've started to include lipstick info in the video description box on YouTube, because inquiring minds need to know! This one is Burberry gloss in Brick Red no. 6.

  7. Kutie Puckrik:

    I am the Mayor of Scentyland! I have a built-in incense scepter in my hat, which pops out of the top during my speeches and wafts out Andy Tauer and Comme Des Garcon at appropriate moments during my speeches for dramatic effect. (I'm sorry -but I had to take down the Youtube images due to legal reasons or so I'm told by my cabinet.)


  8. Candidates for other offices could make lofty, bombastic speeches that sound like ad-copy for their favorite fragrances. And make political ads against backdrops of their collections, while slyly questioning the ability of their opponents to accurately describe a perfume, or pick out individual notes and accords. Or worse, imply that their opponents just bought all of their niche perfumes in the last year and are "newbies" in disguise.

    Katie will make a fortune as a speechwriter and laugh all the way to the bank.

  9. "I've known florientals, and you sir ARE NO FLORIENTAL!"

  10. melisan61,

    *splurt!* V. funny indeed. Accusations of perfume poseurs will be hurled!