Kenzo Power

...a “come closer” scent, without being desperate.

My first encounter with Kenzo Power reminds me of that hokey old joke:

Q. What’s the definition of Irish foreplay?
A. “Brace yourself, Bridget!”

Holding the bottle - a metallic thermos with the word “Power” on it - I had indeed been bracing myself for a frontal assault. An assault of sneezy man-cologne smell. When my test spritz released the soft delight of Power into the air, I did a Scooby Doo “huh?” and unclenched my...well, whatever was previously clenched.

Any of you fellas too squeamish to give yourself tenderly to Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, fearful of the possible ramifications of a foofy bottle inscribed with the word “Lovely” in your manly medicine cabinet, here’s your chance to smell of woody florals with musk petticoats. I mean, trousers. Power is Lovely with a beard, if not quite a bulge.

And you really can’t beat that beautiful bottle, designed by Muji's creative director, Kenya Hara. Made of glass coated with stainless steel paint, it resembles a saki bottle, or a particularly stylish Sigg bottle.

Let the bottle advertise your masculine steeliness in your medicine cabinet, then let the see-through softness of Power showcase your true strength, gents.

Power is available from,, and, starting at $40 for 60ml


  1. Oh good, I've been waiting and hoping for you to review this. I absolutely adore Power, its the one that always makes me say "you know, this would also smell good on a woman." Must be the magical animal tummy smell.

  2. All of your waiting and hoping paid off, BooRad. Power is deffo lady-friendly.

  3. Yup, this is beautiful, and reminds me stylistically, of Divine's l'Homme de Coeur. Both are for men who embrace their sensitive, candle-burning, poetry writing, cashmere-wearing, flower-gardening selves.

  4. Interesting comparison, Scott. I shall bear it in mind the next time I smell l'Homme de Coeur.