FRAGments: a Perfume-As-Art Event

FRAGments venue: the quixotic MorYork Gallery in Highland Park.

If you're in the Los Angeles area today, Saturday June 22nd between 11am - 5pm, hie thee over to Highland Park for the underground, artisan and indie perfume event known as FRAGments.

Curated by Lalun Naturals' Maggie Mahboubian, FRAGments brings together olfactory and perfume artists from across North America in a gallery setting to present a selection of their work. The event will be the first in a series, and will feature established names in the indie perfume community (including Ayala Moriel, DSH, Yosh) as well as emerging brands (MikMoi, House of Matriarch, Rebel and Mercury).

FRAGments will offer a salon discussion moderated by Saskia Wilson-Brown, the director of the newly formed Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles. (The IAO supports the work of olfactory artists through grants, research opportunities, lectures, workshops and a materials library.) There will be a reception and exhibition where creators will be able to sell their work in a collective pop-up shop.

“Artisan perfumery is a growing movement where individuals are exploring unique olfactory directions through a variety of fragrant media and palettes” says founder Mahboubian. “FRAGments will provide a small scale, intimate forum for artisan perfumers to interact directly with their audience.”

A MorYork Gallery artefact by Clare Graham.

If the chance to sniff brave new worlds with like-minded fumies isn't catnip enough, another draw is the venue itself: the magical MorYork Gallery. I've attended plays and parties in this wonder-inducing environment, the life's work of artist Clare Graham. His imaginatively massed collection of beautiful junk is playfulness run amok. Be prepared to get lost in smells and space.

MorYork Gallery, 4959 York Blvd, Los Angeles 90065 (Highland Park)
11am-12pm Moderated discussion with perfumers
12pm-5pm Reception/Pop-up Shop

Please visit the website for full list of participants:

Overhead MorYork view via
Jigsaw puzzle ball via


  1. It all sounds so wonderful and fun! I so wanted to go but could not make it. I hope it was fun and I hope my friend Mik of MikMoi was a big hit! I hope too that you got to meet him Katie he is such an interesting person and a talented artist on so many levels.

    1. I'm in London, so wasn't able to attend - but sure would've loved to...

  2. Is Maggie Mahboubian armenian?

    1. You can click on her link and find out more about her on her website.

  3. I'm 16 and I'm having some troubles with perfumes, because I am very discreet in almost everything and I want a striking perfume. I absolutely love super sweet fragrances with floral notes. So please give me some suggestions and recommendations. I will appreciate your help.

    Greetings from Portugal!

    1. Annie, you might like Le Mimosa by Annick Goutal.

  4. Annie--

    Try Lolita Lempicka, or Candy by Prada, or maybe Hypnotic Poison.

    You should also check out Katie's fume finder, which is at the top, left-hand part of the page.

    Good luck!


  5. Dear Los Angeles and the Angelenos therein:

    My name is Stefush. I live in Boston, MA where no one talks about perfume openly. Especially if you're male and have a girlfriend.

    It must be nice there - what with your fancy galleries and 'fumehead events. I hear in NYC they do them, too.

    Here they seem to care about sports. Do you have sports in your town also?

    Anyways, maybe one day perfume galleries will happen here. Until then, I'll just huff my Eau Sauvage Parfum and make do.


    Sincerely, Stefush

    1. "GO SPORTS TEAM IN YOUR AREA!" Thanks Stefush, for my laugh today.

      Oh, and I also got a laugh from the man I was talking to today who, reflecting on the TV show "Little House On the Prairie", said contemplatively: "It just seemed like they were in the middle of nowhere."

      Um, yes. That would be "the prairie" part of the deal.

  6. Oh, and Annie? Get a sample of Etat Libre D'Orange's Divin Enfant. It's marshmallow-sweet and perfect for you.

  7. Annie--

    Divin Enfant can be found at luckyscent, which also provides samples:


  8. Katie - heh. Right. I think the original working title of that show was Little House in the Middle of Nowhere And We're Learning Life Lessons and Some People Here Are Wrong and At Least We Have Each Other No Wait My Daughter is Now Blind.

  9. Stefush...."No wait my daughter is now blind!"..and post about not speaking openly about fragrance-in Boston "especially if you are male with a girlfriend" - too freakin funny! Please tell me that your appreciation of fragrance is shared by GF...or is it like the case of one of my male friends who happens to appreciate larger boned women with "huskier" builds - in the past, he had always dated/ been attracted to this type nice for these ladies whose builds aren't necessarily the stereotype of perfection in our society, I always thought....yet, in a stroke of life's cruel irony- the woman he ended up falling in love with / marrying happens to be of petite but perfect per portion...very much in line with stereotypical modern beauty you get what I'm saying? Wondering if that same cruel irony of life has you paired with a woman who could give a rat's tail about fragrance?

  10. Pinkcash - my girlfriend enjoys a good perfume, but is by no stretch a 'fumehead - she likes what she likes (Diptyche, Jo Malone) and doesn't go out of her way to experiment or find new fragrances. She knows I'll find them for her!

    She definitely enjoys them, and actually turned ME on to the Diptyque line. What usually happens is that I spend an evening on and in a few days she's got something new to play with for awhile.

    I think that there's some sort of time travel thing happening around luckyscent because every time I visit their site I come away from the computer and it's already tomorrow.

  11. Great event on perfume art! I wish I could someday attend one. I'll keep informed through the Frag-ment site.