Burberry Body

Burberry Body is a contemporary take on an 80s style (read "loud") abstract floral. Floral, that is, until a hot wooden musk storms in and stomps all the flowers to death. Hot Wooden Musk's thug friend is Aggressive Soap, so you end up smelling loudly clean. The body in Body is nowhere to be found. Somebody call the cops.
Body is available from FragranceX.com and Perfume.com, starting at $47 for 1.1 oz
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  1. New fragrance category? The "aggressively, loudly cleans". I'll take a pass.

  2. Katie,

    You didn't elucidate on your reference to the 80s...that decade that birthed Giorgio, Poison, Ysatis and many other foghorn perfumes.

    But I had forgotten that I had smelt this one a couple of months back, until I stumbled on this review.

    And I had forgotten what it smelt like.

    That kinda says it all,doesn't it.

  3. Fit for radioactive decontamination, but with peach. Of course, now I ave to go smell it.

    You're onto something with the nouveax soaps, though. Soapy used to mean perfumy and was a compliment. Now it means having been made antiseptic, the skinness having been obliterated then overlayed with a thin masking fragrance. I'm with you---give me the soap that makes me think of skin.

  4. I thought that what was insulting about using the term "soapy," is that you're paying for perfume, but you're getting something ordinary. Like going to a fancy restaurant and getting a happy meal.

  5. Hated it! Chemical brew