Vera Wang Lovestruck

As a brand, Vera Wang stands for virgin-bride purity. My own wedding dress incorporated a Vera Wang high-necked lace blouse -- very lovely, although I don't think it had the power to restore my virginal purity. However, judging from the blandness of some of Vera Wang's perfume offerings, I suspect that purity restoration -- or preservation -- is a tacit goal. It only makes sense that there's a market for smelling more virginal than one really is, considering the hoards of us striving to smell more sinful, louche and decadent than we could ever hope to be (fake it till you make it, though...right?) And as many of Vera Wang's most popular fragrances are aimed at young teenage girls, their namby-pambiness is absolutely appropriate. But while I accept that a certain amount of safe genericness is what appeals to younger noses, I get my dander up when something billed as perfume smells like a cleaning product. And that's Lovestruck's problem. It smells like a masking odor for the chemicals in a carpet cleaner or a dog shampoo. Come back, Princess. All is forgiven.
Lovestruck is available from Perfumania, Sephora and starting at $22 for .35 oz
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  1. One of my goals this year (i.e. in 2012) is to FINALLY produce my own line of perfumes. Well, at least one. But I always thought it'd be hilarious to release a line that's entirely based on what people new to perfume want in one: so I'd have Clean! followed by Nice! followed by She'll Love This! followed by Okay To Wear At Work!

    And they'd all be the same scent, just different labels.

  2. No wait, crap. Burberry beat me to it.

  3. That freeze frame that youtube puts up for this video is classic! It about sums up your view of it. The eye roll! LMAO

  4. My basset hound is smelling kinda funky and is due for a bath. Should I get some Lovestruck instead of my usual dog shampoo? I'm so glad to hear that this wealth of perfume/funtional product scenting is working to the dog owner's advantage. Now about those carpets...

  5. Gojira - I know! It was serendipity that YouTube landed on that frame, but it sums up my feeling about Lovestruck.

    Stefush, "Okay To Wear to Work" and "She'll Love This": you're sitting on a mint.

    jdt - Lovestruck could work for your basset hound, but he might be annoyed at ending up smelling like a clean rug.