Perfume Pen Pals: BLOOD Concept B


Okay, I'm getting to know BLOOD Concept B and, I don't know, it's sort of standoffish in the same way BLOOD Concepts A, AB and O are. I definitely smell some patchouli, and the apple is right out front. But it's not a friendly apple. It's an apple preserved in a dry-ice container, in a cryonics lab. It's the smell of something that once was alive but now is cold and stiff.

I suppose this falls into the category of perfumes the young hipsters might like, and lord knows they can do a lot worse, so I'm not against it. But I'm just old enough to value warmth and comfort. And I already know you're going to call me soft for saying that, and maybe you're right, KP, maybe I am soft, but if anyone tells me this smells better than Coromandel's patchouli, I'll sock them right in the nose. Let's see you call me soft then!


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  1. Okay, let me get this straight: Surprising innovation in indie frags now includes blood and post-coital notes? (BLOOD concept, Secretions Magnifique, etc.) When will I be reading about the new Shittenpisse and VOM lines in KP?

    Or maybe I'll review ER for this blog - the new scent that simulates being thrown through your windshield and a quick ambulance ride while intubated?

  2. I happen to like Blood Concept B and I'm not even a young hipster.

  3. Stefush, are you sure "ER" isn't just the working title for Lady Gaga's upcoming perfume?

    olfactoryobsessed, B was the flavor that struck me as the most forthcoming of the all the BLOODs. I'm always a sucker for patchouli + something. But I'm sure Dan has a point: in a police lineup of patchoulis, B would get hauled off to the hoosegow as a pretender.

  4. As my friend in medical school used to say when we were up to our eyeballs in medical trivia, "I'm not knowing this."

    I am committed to not knowing about blood (or lymph) concept fragrances, gynecological concept fragrances, urological fragrances, gastrointestinal fragrances, or other bodily system concept fragrances. I am also skipping fuel and other industrial fragrances. You have to know your limits.

  5. Fleurine: I like "I'm not knowing this" as an all-purpose form of self-preservation.