Coming up on Katie Puckrik Smells

Liz demos how to party, Euro-style.

I've been AWOL for the past few weeks, owing to trips to Paris, London, and perhaps a little less Liz-tastically, Virginia. I'm now freshly back in the perfume saddle (after several running starts aided by a springboard), and you and I have got a lot of catching up to do.

I'll be filling you in on Paris and London perfume perusin', my first encounter with Bottega Veneta's debut perfume, and my meeting with the creator of that perfume, Michel Almairac.

Then there are the other new perfumes I've been swooning over: L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 8 and Miller Harris' La Fumée and La Pluie.

And while in London, I was treated to Lush's signature Synaesthesia treatment, which incorporated a delicious mind-and-muscle-melting blur of scent, color, sound and massage. Reports on all of the above are forthcoming.

Thank you, cherished fumies, for continuing to journey with me on the good ship Katie Puckrik Smells.

Photo: Elizabeth Taylor, 1967


  1. After boarding SS Katie Puckrik last year, I've been unable to pull myself away (for long) from the on-board casino called 'Fragrance shopping'.

    Thankfully, there have been more hits than misses,as I have an easy-to-please nose,but nowadays,I pinch myself every time I develop a lemming watching videos or reading glowing reviews of fragrances.

    I end my spin of the roulette wheel with a package of YSL's Paris and Bourjois' Evening in Paris(purely coincidental, of course)

  2. So glad to have you back. Can't wait for the next installment!

  3. DP - there's so much out there, and the nose is ever more curious.

    Noal, thank you.