Fume Finder: Katie Puckrik Smells Web App

The simple act of wearing a fragrance you love does so many positive things. When you customize your smellscape, everything clicks: your heart's a little happier, your mojo's working, you feel rrrr-OWW! Perfume is a portable bubble of joy.

And you know what else is a portable bubble of joy? Fume Finder -- the new mobile web app that puts my favorite scent recommendations at your fingertips. Fume Finder works on mobile web devices like iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as on regular computers. For a complete list, click here. (Note: Fume Finder looks best on a mobile device. If you're using a desktop, shrink the browser window for a better viewing experience.)

Discover Fume Finder here: fumefinder.com/m

Why a web app?
Every day I'm asked for fragrance recommendations. A lot of the requests are similar: “Can you suggest a great vanilla for guys?” or “What can I give my mom -- she likes rose perfumes,” or “Which scent will turn men/women into my personal love zombies?”

Fume Finder streamlines the process so that you get an immediate answer. This mobile web app features hundreds of my recommendations for men and women in high rotation categories ranging from citrus, subtle and sexy, to florals, fruits and woods -- and let's not forget clubbing, wedding and seasonal scents. (And because Fume Finder is my ball in this game, you can bet rose and incense perfumes are represented, too.)

Whether you're drawn to clean and crisp or deep and dramatic, I guarantee that Fume Finder will inspire you to try something new...or even to revisit an old favorite. Just think of Fume Finder as your portable fragrance consultant.

Fume Finder: fits easier on your iPhone than Joan Crawford.

The other reason for this guide is that I hope you'll support Katie Puckrik Smells. Your patronage of my advertisers and affiliate links is what makes my fragrance reviews and videos possible. When you click on Fume Finder's “Buy it from” links, they bring you to websites like Sephora, Amazon and FragranceNet -- I get a small commission on each fragrance sale. You don't have to buy from them, but I hope that you do.

Fume Finder's selections slant toward my favorite mainstream fragrances, with a few choice niche items here and there. The app is aimed at the newbie fumehead who wants starting points for perfume explorations and gift ideas, but veteran connoisseurs (and you know who you are) will also enjoy perusing my lists and descriptions, and reconnecting with beloved scents.

And now for the audio-visual portion of the Fume Finder tutorial.
At this unveiling, Fume Finder features about 170 fragrances, and more will be added in the fullness of time. As you're roaming through the selections and links, please let me know about any bugs or glitches you come across. (Keeping the “Buy it from” links current will be an ongoing wack-a-mole endeavor.) Comments and suggestions to improve clarity and ease of use are also welcome. And I know you'll have great recommendations for fragrances to be added! You can comment under this post, click on "Contact" at the top of this page, or click on the email link in the app to share your thoughts and reactions. For iPhone and iPad users, to add an app icon on your home screen, open Fume Finder, then click the "+" sign in the Safari Browser. Save the bookmark and it'll appear on your home screen. Click on the app icon, and it will automatically open Fume Finder. Please share Fume Finder with your friends and fellow fumies: click on the Facebook and Twitter icons on the bottom of Fume Finder's first page. With no further ado, I officially smash the bottle of Veuve Clicquot against the good ship Fume Finder, and off she sails! fumefinder.com/m Katie Puckrik photo by Kimberly Metz Still from The Women


  1. I agree! I immediately used it to find some cologne for my teenage nephew, because god knows I have no idea what a teen guy would like.

    Thanks, Katie! I'll let you know how your recommendations pan out.

  2. Brill idea Katie! Now all you have to do is make it for iPhone.

  3. Great idea Katie, I'm sure it will be a huge success. I've already had a look around and shared it on my Facebook page. Best of luck with it!

  4. Katie - your men's classics choices are spot-on. Fun to see Knize Ten in there also. Fun new toy!

  5. And your pic choice for this announcement - nice Jennifer Lopez impression!

  6. What a great idea! It only makes me wish that Luca Turin did a similar mobile app (correct me if I'm wrong, and he does), which contained all the reviews and had updates from perfumes the guide, as I'd quite happily buy that to use on my phone, as I quite often find myself nipping in to a bookshop to compare (and contradict) opinions, whilst out looking at perfume. I'd quite happily buy that as an app itself.

  7. Katie- There is a bottle in my near future (Jo Malone Orange Blossom?) with your name on it.

    I think I am the last person in the world who has never smelled organza indecence.

    Great picks. Look forward to checking them out!

  8. Katie, This is so fabulous! I will definitely be referring my friends to this. Thanks!

  9. Hi Katie,
    I just added is to my favorites!!!
    thank you!!

  10. Katie -This is really fantastic!

    to iPhone users - go to the site on your iphone, then click the middle button on the bottom bar and select 'Add to home screen' - voila, instant iPhone app. Not sure these instructions are very clear on the site/in the app itself.

  11. I'm going to switch to my pad right now and check it out, great idea Katie!

  12. Thanks all, for the back-slapping and cocktail glass clinking! VERY much appreciate your support.

    Gojira and Brian -- yep, Fume Finder works on all your space-age devices, including iPhone. (I just added reinforcement of that concept to the above post.) Per Brian's comment, I may yet add those instructions to Fume Finder. I'm trying to strike the right balance between over-explaining and under-explaining -- between "Duh!" and "Wha?", as it were.

  13. Fleurine, Organza Indécence is one of my newest perfume passions. It's slightly off the beaten track, but smells fantastic and accessible at the same time. Hits the spot for gourmand-loving perfumistas as well as Flowerbomb/Angel fans looking for something different. I'll be reviewing it soon-ish.

  14. Nathan! Thanks for your business. Let me know what your nephew thinks of new "fragrance wardrobe."

    Stefush -- good to get your affirmation of my classic guy choices. Let me know some of your tried-and-true faves I should include.

    And...how do you know J-Lo isn't doing a Katie Puckrik impression? ;-)

  15. hey Katie..wow..so great...good luck with it. I just checked it out and it is fun...Miss Mirabelle is working on an app to for her future

    xo M and M

  16. Katie, you should do a book of fragrance reviews. I know, it's a huge undertaking, but I would totally buy it. Concerning the app, yay!

  17. One step at a time, Nora!

    Thanks, M and M!

  18. Oh dear, this looks like one giant shopping list to me...

    Well, best to get sniffing!

  19. Oh man, my choices for men? You know most of them - L'Instant, Yatagan, Monsieur Balmain by Balmain, Amouage XXV, and anything by Diptyche. I'm sure with another glass of wine and time I can think of more indie choices. But those are my stand-bys.

    Oh, and of course, the redoubtable Halston Z-14.

  20. Tammy -- "words to my ears", as my redneck husband likes to say.

    Stefush -- like those pointers!

  21. Wonderful! I emailed you in April and you were able to pick out fragrances perfect for me! Your recommendations were Bulgari Jasmine Noir and Agent Provocateur. I ended up loving both of them and purchased a bottle of each. Now that I have a little more of an idea of what types of perfumes I like this is a really great tool to have. Thanks Katie!

  22. Christy, that's ever so fine to hear! Long-distance perfume whispering can be hit or miss, so it's a relief when it's a hit.

  23. Katie! I marched on over to Sephora to check out that unisex scent (in the men's section) Bulgari Black. Geez. When you said rubber note you were talking sixteen wheeler in heatwave in Arizona.
    I felt like I had a latex glove snapped over my head.
    I took a few whiffs, then politely pumped that little alcohol dispenser a few times, and discreetly scrubbed off the superficial layer of epidermis on the back of my hand.
    Then I tiptoed back to my gender designation and was oh-so happy to smell Jasmine Noir, Prada L'Eau Ambree and Lolita Lempicka. Hats off to you dominatrices wearing the BB...

    Then I tiptoed over

  24. Fleurine! I promise Bulgari Black's rubber becomes less assertive and latex glove-snapping the longer you wear it...even a few minutes in, BB is a soft, smoky vanilla. But it's always good for me to get feedback on first impressions of these perfume warhorses, because it's easy to become over-familiarized to their quirks...

  25. Whoa, Fleurine, you did a lot of tiptoeing!

    That's funny you should say that, though, because while I do get a whiff of rubber, it's not at all overwhelming to me. I bought a bottle of this stuff without smelling it first. With the first spray, I said, "That's great," but five seconds later I couldn't smell anything. So I sprayed more. And more. And more. And more. Even now I hope that I smell like delicious smoky vanilla after applying it, but I can't tell for sure.

  26. Maybe the tester I tried was off or something? Loved the bottle tho...

  27. Thanks for creating such a helpful tool! I can't wait to share it on Twitter!

  28. Rola, I do appreciate you spreading the word on Fume Finder! Thank you.

  29. Hi Katie, thanks for creating Fume Finder! It's the very first place I go to if I need a recommendation or just want to widen my olfactory horizon.
    Having been on a budget for some time I would love to suggest a few more perfumes for that section:

    Mäurer & Wirtz "Tosca" (Ridiculously inexpensive considering it's high quality. It's widely considered to be "old lady", which shouldn't stop real fumies from investigating.)

    Dita von Teese "Rouge" (beautiful if you ignore the Disney-esque bottle)

    Roger & Gallet "Bois d'Orange" (found it here on your blog; thanks Steve Gontarski!)

    Sir "Irisch Moos" (= Irish Moss)

    4711 Eau de Cologne/Kölnisch Wasser

    I'm not sure how easily some of them are available outside of central Europe, but I guess they would make a nice addition to those you already listed.

    1. Worthy and thoughtful additions to the cheap/cheerful cannon, Vintagyst. Thank you!