Blogger is Broken

Blogger is on the fritz, and many of my fragrant readers are unable to leave their customary insightful comments. The problem seems to be with corrupt cookies and cache files. Blogger's technical elves are feverishly working out the snarls, but in the meantime, the elves recommend doing the following:

- Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser
- Clear BOTH your cookies and your browser cache
- Once your cookies and cache are cleared, shut down the browser
- Open the browser, and log back onto to your Google account

In the meantime, I've opened up the comments section to allow anonymous
posts, because KP Smells cannot thrive without your thoughts, deep and otherwise.

Thanks for your tolerance in this matter.

Painting: "Landscape With Broken Machine" by Stuart Davis


  1. Is it fixed already, or am I one of the lucky few who can post?

  2. It's not fixed yet - you're one of the lucky ones. Others are caught in a cookie-filled pothole and have to do the cache-clearing thing. We shall overcome.

  3. I did all the above, but it's still asking me to sign up for blogger if I sign in with my Goggle account. Works if you select anonymous

  4. Also, just bought a whole bunch of Lush stuff, which I find nice but different. I've seen some mentioned here and there by you and Dan, but not in any detail. I was wondering if you were exposed to Lush while you lived in London, and if you were, do you still drop in any stores from tint to time.

  5. Very vexing that Blogger's still acting up for some of you guys, even after clearing cookies and caches. The help boards at Blogger show that we're not the only ones with problems, and I can only hope the snags are sorted soon.

    berndog, I am indeed familiar with Lush (used to wear Karma for a while when I lived in London) and in fact, I have a pile of Gorilla perfumes in my archives patiently waiting for me to explore them. The only ones I've written about so far are Breath of God and Orange Blossom. They're really good!

  6. Hello Ms. Katie and everyone else!

    I hope I don't sound too pleased at this blogger oddness, but at last I can comment via Anonymous! Now, do I have anything to say?

    A) Lush makes me sneeze;
    B) Men, please feel free to be gender traitors and smell as beautiful as you like and;
    C) If you have no idea what to try, there's Guerlain's Instant Pour l'Homme, which makes for a better-smelling world...



  7. Hello AnnieA! I'm all for giving men permission to venture as far afield as necessary to smell delish. Fume newbies are often simultaneously desirous of and intimidated by "rules", and feel a little flinchy about heading across the aisle to sniff intriguing "women's" fragrances.

  8. Hi Katie! This is the "customary insightful" comment I was going to make a while back- I was browsing the celebrity news and saw a picture that made me think for a moment that you had a baby with David Schwimmer!

  9. Melissa - I hooted when I saw the pic - not that I saw a resemblance, but just the idea of having babies with random "Friends" seems so...elaborate. My husband had no comment when I showed him the photograph.

  10. It's still broken. I can't edit my HTML. The codes is not show up.