New Look for Katie Puckrik Smells

Tablet computers, smartphones, jeggings: the future is now! The trickiest part about all these crazy new developments is guessing which future-now inventions are going to stick around for the actual future-future.

Against all odds, Tang Powdered Beverage seems to have made it to the 21st century, while mysteriously, Wonder Sauna Hot Pants bit the dust a good while back. And what do we as a people have to show for it? We're collectively fatter, and, dare I say, still thirsty. And now here's my young blog, two years old this month, wheedling and whining for the “cool” accessories all the other blogs have. Once it fixes those big bloggy eyes on me, I can't deny it anything. Unfortunately, even after cutting back on stodgy gourmands and meaty ouds, Katie Puckrik Smells still couldn't fit into the jeggings I'd bought it as a special birthday treat.
Conan O'Brien couldn't wait to slip out of the jeggings and into his comfy Wonder Sauna Hot Pants.
Before it burst into tears and stormed off to its bedroom, I soothed my two-year-old with a consolation gift: a brand-new layout. In no time at all, that lower lip stopped quivering, and my blog was delighting in its “cool” new mobile digital device-friendly design. Who knows how long these cockamamie iPad/iPhone/iDon'tKnowWhats are going to be the greatest thing since Tamagotchis, but all I know is that my little blog is all smiles now -- and that alone turns my day into a rainbow. The new look KP Smells is optimized for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox -- and for you early adopters, Internet Explorer 9. To add an image to your comment, fill out the comment preview. Click "Add profile picture" to upload a photo to your Blogger profile (see below.) The next time you comment on a Blogger blog, your profile photo will be displayed next to your comment.
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  1. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants. Omg, Katie, they look so ridiculous. And the name... Wonder Women should wear those in home. :D

    The new layout is pretty and the website runs so quickly on my chrome. I love it!

    Anyway, happy birthday to the best blog about fragrances! In polish: Sto lat!

  2. Katie, is FAR too early for that picture of Conan! I nearly deflated my Wonder Saunas when I recoiled.

    The blog looks extra pretty now. I'm glad to hear you've placated her, as an honery blog can make for some long, difficult days.

    PS: Tang is still around? Who knew?!


  3. Oooo! All aquiver. About the features. Not the jeggings.

  4. Katie,

    I think I might skip my morning reads now. That picture of Conan is just too much! I look at him and go OUCH!

    Brilliant new design!

  5. Dear Wonder Sauna Hot Pants:

    Thank you for the new look on your blog. I have enjoyed it very much.

    Stefush aka Steve Wonder Sauna Hot Porkpie Johnson

  6. Actually, Melisand makes me realize I would be aquiver in jeggings. Blasted winter.

    It seems my image and transferred I'm feeling like it needs glucosamine and reading glasses, as it has "represented" for nearly four years...but if I changed it, would that be like going to a bad Beverly Hills surgeon? Would I be recognized? Should I tweet this as a poll? Ergh. I need tea. And Tang. Will get back to you...

    ...but not before wishing your blog sincere congratulations on its second birthday, and continued success throughout year three. ::blows on one of those paper rolling out noisemaker thingamajigs we used to use in the days when candles actually had fire::

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I'm enjoying the revamped layout on my newfangled technological gizmo.

  8. Katie,
    Well! What a way to start the day off. First, I suffered a bout of Post Traumatic Stress, triggered by the Wonder Sauna Hot Pants image... Then upon seeing Conan in jeggins, I kinda threw up in my mouth, just a little bit.
    But, it's all good. I wish you congratulations on the blog makeover. I'm looking forward to exploring that a little more once I finish my Tang... =]

    Best to you, Tina

  9. Katie! Congratulations on the new look, can't wait till you add the smellavision feature. When will that be functional? After much debate, I have decided not to upload the photo of me in my jeggings. Conan beat me to it, and well, I'm just not a follower

  10. Happy Birthday Bloggy!

  11. Happy happy birthday, baby....Love the new look, love Conan, love "solar energy"--yes, that's what they call it! And the music-making computer? Almost as good as the player piano :-D I've been looking forward to The Future ever since I read My Weekly Reader. The Future...not what it used to be. Gotta go now and work at my email machine, and take my lunch pill. Hugs!

  12. Jeggings are scary!

    Love the new look of the blog :-)

  13. I don't have a fancy tech gizmo (yet), but the blog sure as hell loads faster on my computer now. Woot!

  14. Happy Birthday Wishes to your Blog,
    Katie-kins! This computer technology - they said it wouldn't last! So make the most of it while you can! Congrats! And many, many more!

  15. Hi Katie! I love this BTW. You did good girl<3

  16. What the hell, that ain't my usual gravatar but OK.

  17. I can't see how those wonder sauna hot pants could be easy to blow up and get the right fit when they are on, but I suppose that is why the picture have a lving couple willing to do that for each other.

    P.S. My iPad thanks you.

  18. Thanks all, for checking in, thumbs-ing up the new look (Bloggy says it tickles when you do that!) and giving me your feedback. Please let me know if you encounter any problems in your travels around KP Smells.

  19. Oh, and I love seeing your sweet'n'sassy faces - or cryptic icons - next to your comments. I feel like I'm really getting to know you all...virtually if not quite smell-o-visually.

    Maggie - good point on the effort to puff the pants to the correct fit. I envision lots of squeeking plastic pants up and down sweaty, sausagey legs until the "tailoring" is complete.
    That's probably a calorie-burning workout right there.

    Darryl - so glad to hear Bloggy's loading faster.

    queen cupcake - the benign slant on nuclear power in that vid is certainly chilling. So many of those predictions in that vid have come to pass, which is kind of impressive.

  20. ScentScelf - The "joy" of jeggings is that absolutely no-one would be aquiver in them, such is their remarkable surgical stocking-like quality.

    I advocate giving your avatar a facelift, since it's been a few years. It's fun to try on a new identity. Ponder on it as you drink your Tang.

    Tina - I don't know why the pic of Conan in jeggings is so shocking, but it just is.

    Gojira - Ouch! Yeah - now that you mention it...

  21. We should probably be grateful that it's Conan O'Brien and not Conan the Barbarian who's sporting jeggings in public. The image of Arnold in jeggings currently inside my brain needs to go away. Fast. Experiencing the downside of a vivid imagination. However, I'm wearing Lady Vengeance today - think she could beat Conan?! Hell hath no fury, and all that....

  22. Junelady - Lady V isn't bulgy enough, even in jeggings, to beat Arnold.

  23. I fear that you're right.
    I'll think of something that can outsmart him instead.

  24. After reading everyone's comments and studying the picture again, I think that 1) I could picture Arnold in the Sauna Pants easier than the jeggings (try that one, Junelady!) and 2) I noticed that in the word 'Hot', the word "Short" is embedded in the 'H'. Does that mean that there could be a "Long" version? :-D Finally 3), I was curious about the Approved AAU USA symbol and did some research. First thing that popped up was the The Real AAU Homepage which stood for the Amateur Athletic Union. There was a picture of Evan Lysacek on it and I thought - this can't be right. But there was the AAU-USA symbol so it is the same. It is still going strong. When were the Sauna Pants out?

    I think Conan is scary in jeggings cos he is just scary anyway. And the jeggings do nothing for his odd shape.

  25. SoS, I like your limitless imagination!

    On second thought - wouldn't there be something delightfully ridiculous about Arnold in Sauna Pants - I mean, would he even be able to walk with those inflatables - or get up again if pushed over?