Hermes Eau de Merveilles

...smells like a cold day on a clean beach.

When I first stumbled across Hermès Eau de Merveilles at a mainstream perfume counter, I was surprised. Unlike its cronies jostling for position on the Windexed glass, here was a perfume that didn't shriek of strawberries or vanilla or white musk. The off-kilter bottle, dappled with stars, contained a fragrance that wasn't obvious, saturated, primary-colored. Instead, the fragrance sallied forth with a puff of orange, then quickly became contemplative. It started fresh, but got fuzzy. It was brisk, salty and serene, all at the same time. Amidst the clatter of junk-food fragrances that are fun for quick flings and youthful indiscretions, Eau de Merveilles is a big-label offering that offers couture class at mall prices. And best of all, when you wear Eau de Merveilles, you smell like you. Expensive you.
Eau de Merveilles is available from and starting at $40 for 50 ml.


  1. I love Eau des Merveilles, it's very fresh, and also very particular. It also has this "etincelle" of happiness. Thanks!

  2. I think a sample of this was my first intro to the 'salty' note...yummy wow-wow!

  3. A slightly off-kilter bottle for a slightly off-kilter fragrance. Heading to TPC site next to score a sample; although it sounds like something I would blind-buy. The magic words were Hermes, special, slightly unusual, and shared fragrance. And who doesn't get happy smelling oranges? Thanks for the review, Katie.

  4. I adore this scent, I just wish it lasted longer on me. The saltiness is great. I love Elixir des Merveilles too, you should give that a sniff.

  5. Vintage Lady,

    Yes, it is particular, isn't it? And thank you for "étincelle". It's my word of the day.


    To my recollection, EdM was the only salty perfume that was out for the longest time, until Mugler's recent Womanity.


    I'm interested to hear if you and EdM have a future...check back in on that.


    Elixir de Merveilles is very nice, but isn't as subtly peculiar as Eau de M. Gotta love a secret freak!

  6. I have a serious questin for you. I have a doubt and it has been killing me!
    If I spray my perfume behing my knees or on my ankles and decide to put on some pants, will people be able to smell it?

  7. I love Eau de Merveilles, in fact it's the only mainstream Hermes release that I can say I love. It's such a weird yet familiar kind of scent. I always get the citrus right on top, and I get the oceanic/beachy thing too, but there's something about the mix that almost brings to mind anise or fennel. And I completely agree with you Katie, it's 100% genderless, although the people of Hermes clearly beg to differ since they market it as a feminine on their website.

    A word of warning to anyone curious about Eau de Merveilles: do not confuse it with Elixir de Merveilles, a salty chocolate-covered orange flavored follow up to this frag.

  8. Nadia,

    Wearing your perfume on your legs or under clothes, will lower the "volume" on the scent, and make the effect more subtle. If you want to broadcast your delightful fragrance, you should wear it on your arms, your throat, and on the nape of your neck.


    Eau de Merveilles stands alone, even among other Hermèsssssss. Fair warning on the stronger, thicker, pretty different (but still salty) Elixir.

  9. Nadia, spritzing on the chest and stomach is the best way to enjoy fragrance all day, especially while sitting. Your body heat will boost the scent right over your collar and into your nose. (I rarely spray on my throat; if a perfume is applied too close to my nose, "descentsitization" is inevitable.)

    Plus, the chest and stomach aren't rubbed and itched as frequently as the neck and wrists -- unless you're in some alternative line of work.

  10. Wow this sounds fantastic. I am searching for a "beachy" ocean scent that doesn't smell like Coppertone and doesn't cost a fortune. This sounds interesting enough to grab right away (great price point!) Thanks!

  11. Deepo,

    Get it, wear it, love it.


    Chest/belly is where I apply, too, but my understanding was that Nadia wanted other people to smell her perfume. Higher application (not under clothes) works well for that, in addition to those windmilling arms!

  12. Don't forget the windmilling arms!

    Luca Turin recommends the arms and sleeves if you want to give off "puffs" of fragrance.

  13. whipsmart84

    Always windmill for efficient puffing.

  14. Reminds me of something old and refined. It took some getting used to for me but I grew to love it.

  15. Audrey, it's an unusual little number - different from all its perfume buddies on the counter around it.

  16. Hello Katie,

    One of my all time favorites is "Eau Fantasque" from Fragonard Parfumeur. I came accross it back in 2001 when I was visiting France and went to the Fragonard Perfumeur. I later ran out of it and was a little sad because I just couldn't just pick up and go accross the ocean to get some more. A couple of years later I searched for it on the net and was able to order it again and again.

    If you ever get your hands on this lovely perfume or eaux de toilette, please make a review on it! :)

  17. The Fragonard is new to me. Thanks for the tip!

  18. Katie my dear;

    I really have to thank you... My Eau de Merveilles (Págase bottle - such a wonderful bottle!) just arrived... I bought it based on your review here and in the "Fume Finder" (and of course, for being a Hermès my favorite brand). Thank you so much!!! I´m really in love with this merveilles!!! This is a very good scent for the weather (hell on earth) here in Brazil!

    Funny thing... I love Hermés but I was never interested about this one... I tought it was an old lady stuff. Yeah, I do have to try Rouge and Iris too, who knows?! Maybe I´m wrong again... but I have to tell Kelly Caleche is such a pretty thing!!! Luv!!!

    Many many many thanks again...

    Kléber Franco - São Paulo / Brazil.

  19. Hi Katie,

    I've been wearing this during the day at work, but I want to wear something a bit different when I go out in the evening. Would you be able to recommend something that won't fight with Eau des Merveilles if I put it on over the top? I don't like incense-y or rich, floral scents - does anything spring to mind? I'd be grateful for any suggestions from you or your readers.

    Many thanks!


    1. Em, try Juliette Has a Gun "Not a Perfume", Escentric Molecules "Molecule 02" or Annick Goutal Musc Nomade. First 2 are sheer ambergris-like scents that will boost the ambergris accord in Eau de Merveilles, and Musc Nomade is a somewhat floral musk that will deepen what's already on your skin.

    2. I think Lalique Encre Noir(for men) would work well with almost any perfume it is woody & musky, no flower in sight for this one.I layered it with coco noir this winter. Hessa