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Fumeheads can be found in the strangest places...including TV. Yesterday, E! Network’s early morning lifestyle show, That Morning Show, allowed me to share my perfume compulsion with the early morning world.

Not only was I excited to spread a little of the joy my nose experiences every day through “scentertainment," but I was gratified to witness all the behind-the-scenes interest in fragrance.

One producer swooned over Guerlain Shalimar, which was a new discovery for her. Another, a devotee of Stella McCartney Stella, swooped in for a spritz of the new STELLANUDE. And Mark, one of That Morning Show’s three hosts, sheepishly snuck over to try the new Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

Back in the green room, a PR gal snagged me for a “personal perfume shopper” consultation. She was looking for a scent that was “cool, without warm notes or anything too flowery”. I whipped out the bottle of Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert I had brought for the show, she sniffed and smiled, and a match was made.

And when I watched the playback of the interview, I giggled when I observed the host Karol absent-mindedly rubbing the blotter stick of Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot all over her arms and neck.

The experience confirmed one of my beliefs about perfume: nice smells make people happy, and if happiness is as accessible as a shot of your favorite fragrance, well, that’s instant nirvana right there!

Vanille Abricot is available from FragranceNet.com, FragranceX.com and Perfume.com, starting at $43 for 3.3 oz

Shalimar is available from Sephora.com, Amazon.com, FragranceNet.com, FragranceX.com, and Perfume.com, starting at $33 for 1 oz


  1. "scentertainment" - like it! good work KP!

  2. I loved seeing you branch out and interact with another person! It confirms what I thought - you should have your own show with guests YOU interview. But in the meantime, I hope there will be more opportunities to see you on TV.

  3. Thanks, ScentsofSmell - let's hope some TV execs share your enthusiasm!

  4. whenever I watch your videos, I wish my computer was scratch and sniff.

  5. honey, you are so nice to listen to! Luca and Tania will be sad but I think I prefer your style on tv!
    Kisses + Q Perfume.

    P.S.: I am publishing a number of answers from perfumers and experts pretty soon, want to join?

    The question is: What do you consider an excellent perfume? 5 lines tops.
    send your answer to simone@maisqueperfume.com

    kissy shalimar lady :-)

  6. Ooh, Katie having her own show! I don't even really watch tv, but I would even consider getting tivo if that were to happen!

  7. Thanks, Q! Luca & Tania reign supreme - I'm sure they won't mind a bit of chatter from me on the tube.

    Thanks for the invitation, I'll send you my response.

  8. Thanks Angi, for offering to alter your media habits!

  9. Katie! Congratulations on your appearance! You were wonderful and funny. When is someone gonna wake up and give you your own show? The world needs a honest critique who isn't afraid to talk about her nipple hard-ons. I wanted to hear you talk about each of the frags on display. *sigh* Always leave 'em wanting more. Keep up the good work. Scott

  10. Thank you, Scott! I'm looking forward to more chances to bring fumetalk to telly!

  11. I'll be really eloquent here...

    That was freaking awesome! :-))

    Congratulations and yes, you need to have your own show!!

  12. I certainly appreciate your eloquence, allofthis!