School Smells Contest Winners!

As all the School Smells Contest videos came bouncing into my YouTube channel, I had so much fun watching them! Your creative outpouring thrilled me - and you don’t know how satisfying it was to finally “meet” some of my fragrant fumeheads, face-to-virtual-face!

The winner of the randomly drawn, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession collection is dasom94, aka Sarah. Yaayyyyyyy for you, Sarah! Have fun with all of your new perfumes!

The Gucci Flora collection goes to my very favorite entry, from mymyriad, aka Patty. Patty produced an extremely witty spoof of her favorite YouTube perfume reviewer...har har! I was simultaneously amused and appalled...and amused: “This is too funny - wait! I don’t act like I? Hey - earrings! Good idea!” Patty, I reward your cheekiness with cavalcade of perfumes. Happy sniffin’!

And because I was so impressed by all the great submissions, I would like to announce surprise prizes for three runners-up. I’ve got a bottle of perfume each for tofupooh with her sweet and eerie little cartoon, Jewelrycreator for her engagingly written and performed narrative, and LadyProtector (“I smell dead people”).

Winners, please PM me on my YouTube channel and I’ll get you hooked up with your prizes.

Everyone, I really was touched by all of your artworks and stories. Thanks for making School Smells such a kicky contest! As always, stay tuned for more reviews, contests and giveaways. Y'all smell divine!

Image from "High School Musical 3"