The Guest Nose: Dana Tabu

By paxsaxerax

I'll start off with a haiku:

Tabu. Oh, Tabu.
Cheap hookers wear this perfume.
I can only dream.

Let's pretend that Tabu is a hooker. She's not the cracked-out ones I see on The Shield. She doesn't wear tube tops, flip-flops, and cut-offs. No! Tabu wears torn fishnets with La Perla lingerie (that a businessman visiting from San Antonio bought for her). These days, she doesn't get as much attention as some of the other streetwalkers (she's getting kind of old), but her return customers love her because of this: she is good at what she does.

There is a definite element of raunch to her when she sidles up to your bitchin'
Camaro. But she's a hooker, what did you expect? You size each other up, and depending on your personal level of fortitude, you either hit the gas pedal, leaving her angry on the side of the road, or you get a boner and can't wait to take her for a ride. You also suddenly have a craving for a root beer float.

Tabu is a hooker with a heart of gold. She makes you want to go all "Pretty Woman" on her. Tabu has all the best working girl components: brazen attitude (the brash, almost intimidating, spicy top notes), the sexy lingerie (the exotic, clove-y middle notes), and best of all, a cigarette smoke-infused fur coat (the ambery, powdery base).

No questions as to why I've gotten so many compliments from men when I wear Tabu: it's a hell of a perfume, and it will leave you either ravaged or ravished. I'm in the latter camp. I embrace Tabu in all her glory, and I just want more, more, more.

Dana Tabu cologne is available at, starting at $15 for 88ml

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  1. Mmmm, Tabu. I just acquired a vintage bottle of the EDC from eBay. First time I had smelled it since I was a kid, when I found it strong and cloyingly sweet. It was something my older (14-year-old) cousin would wear - too "sophisticated" for me! Well, it is way better than my memory or expectations. Sweet, yes, but not too; spicy, with that cola/root bear effect; and dries down to a spicy, amber powder on my skin. I could wish for a stronger concentration, say EDT, but any more would probably be too much. If this was Jean Carles' idea of what would appeal to a "puta", he had quite a favorable view of ladies of the evening.

  2. I'm cracking up at the idea of your 14-year-old cousin pimpin' in her cloud of Tabu.

  3. Tabu and her BFF Tigeress were the two whores nestled in between the upper crust girls No.5 and Shalimar on my grandmother's vanity. Tabu though a little tricky for me to pull off in a day to day kind of relationship, still holds me sway.
    It takes me back to being a child standing before my Gammie's impressive vanity/dressing table and being allowed "only one spray or you will smell like a French Whorehouse"

  4. Chefronswife, I do like the sound of your granny! And the smell of her perfume collection.