The Guest Nose: Comme des Garcons Shiso

By Chrisskins

Imagine an empowering walk in the forest. All of a sudden, you hear a noise. You stop. The hair on your neck stands up. 70 scenarios play through your head in a split second. You pray it's a small animal, cavorting in the brush. You look around and spot a lone man, halfway behind a tree, wearing gloves. All the ions in the air electrify. The smell of the green has becoming menacing. Run.

Republished from MakeUpAlley by the author's permission
"Into the Trees" by Hungaro Phantasto


  1. I bet that menacing man who scared Chrisskins was the cumin.

  2. Did the man have pee dots on his pants? ;)

  3. So the perfume is a scary little green man and makes your hair stand on end? Not a ringing endorsement for the perfume. Oh, it wasn't meant to be. thanks.