Ulrich Lang Anvers

Anvers is a case of multiple personality disorder, but in this instance, all the personalities are pretty cool guys.

It’s tough to be a guy. I know - I’ve smelled your “young man colognes”. If they’re not sneezy “fresh” like Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men, they smell like the Sean John I Am King, a.k.a. The Missing Harajuku Lovers Doll: strawberry lollipops melting in a bucket of fabric softener. An oversimplification, I know -- but you get my drift. You’re no sissy, but dammit, you just want to smell good without coming off like a clone from the cologne hit parade. That’s where Anvers by Ulrich Lang comes in. It ends up dry, spicy and woody, which is comfortingly familiar for a dude, but also has some tricksy moves with sweet melon, mint and smoke, just prove that you don’t have to run with the pack. It’s not too different -- just different enough.
Ulrich Lang Anvers is available at Amazon.com and LuckyScent.com and UlrichLangNewYork.com, starting at $80 for 3.4 oz.


  1. Hi Katie,

    sounds great AND a little bit weird, so I will try. Can you smell the Honey in it? I hope I can´t smell the honey because besides a special wood (do you know Iris Taizo by Parfumerie Generale? In this fragrance is a wood wich smells like mouldy bread on my skin) it makes me gag.


  2. Sabrina, honey doesn't leap out to me as a character in Anvers' story. The sweetness is more of a fruit/melon-like quality. The provided notes list cites "guava" as an accord, so that gives you an idea of the sweet vibe. Honey is indeed a tricky addition to a fragrance - I once bought a bottle of Serge Lutens Miel de Bois and had gone through a few wearings before I thought, "What the hell is that stinky piss smell everywhere?" before I realized it was me wearing honey perfume! Miel de Bois got re-gifted, stat!

    I've not smelled Iris Taizo, but thrillseeker that I am, your "moldy bread" description makes me want to seek it out immediately.

  3. I know I'm late to the game, but I'm testing Anvers 2 and wasn't sure if you have tried this one, too?

  4. Bloody Frida, I have tried Anvers 2, and really like it unpindownable floral leather (or was that just pinning it down?).

  5. I need to re-test then - I just got 'cologne' - I want to see if I can sense that unpindownable thing! thanks Katie (and I have NO idea what that last post I deleted was all about - had too many screens open last night ... or something)