Miller Harris Fleur Oriental

...smells like flowers growing out of your body in a snowstorm of incense.

It’s been hard to pry my nose away from my latest infatuation, Miller Harris Fleur Oriental. Fleur Oriental embraces the oriental formula, which is a sensual tango of amber with ever-shifting partners that include vanilla and musk.

This one is vintage with quotation marks -- Shalimar with a face-lift. Perfumer Lyn Harris has created a “night at the opera” fragrance which transitions admirably to one’s private “naughty ballerina” moments. Sweet orange blossom, almondy heliotrope and spicy carnation are the beauties dancing with beastly amber and incense accords, and the whole production stays bewitchingly lilting -- never heavy.

Some feel that Fleur Oriental is too dramatic -- or vampy -- for daytime wear, but I have no shame. I’ve even worn it (in teensy, Ayurvedic doses) to yoga class. (Note that I’m the kind who insists on reapplying lipgloss in the middle of a wilderness hike.)

My preferred poison is Fleur Oriental in the pure parfum, which smells incredibly soft and rich. The bottle stopper is a cube of beveled glass that makes me feel like 1930s movie star as I use it to anoint myself in secret places.

Miller Harris Fleur Oriental is available from, and, starting at $65 for 50 ml


  1. Katie, where can one obtain the parfum version of Fleur Oriental?

  2. Whew! Dorrit, I just did a search all over the web, and it looks like the only place you can buy the parfum is directly from the Miller Harris website, or at a Miller Harris shop in the UK. The US outlets only carry the EdT.

  3. Thanks Katie, but after reading your review my quick search found one bottle of it on ebay! Thankfully, it was a buy it now and I bought it THEN! Thanks for making me aware there was such a thing as this glorious scent in parfum.

  4. Lucky you, Dorrit! I got mine on ebay, too, and I couldn't be happier with it. You will love the rich softness of the parfum, and how luxurious it feels to hold the glass stopper in your hand.