Twilight innocent fragrance that could use more of a bite.

Twilight the fragrance was released at the end of 2008 to lure the bat-crazy kids swooning over Twilight the movie, birthed from Twilight the book. There’s nothing like the undead to lively up self-styled outcasts, romantics and square-pegs-in-round-holes everywhere.

After all, if we think we have it hard, with our sensitive natures and deep souls, how must it be for vampires, doomed to roam the earth forever, looking cool but longing for love?

With so much backstory for vamp-o-philes to sink their teeth into, Twilight the fragrance was destined to be a smash hit, even if it smelled like a corpse in a casket.

The surprise for me was, it didn’t. In fact, Twilight smelled as far from gothic mystique and crepuscular jiggery-pokery as you could get: a lavender kick-off leading to dainty florals. It turns out that the inspiration behind the juice wasn’t vampires at all, but Bella -- the character who loves them. And she’s the one who smells of sweet soapiness, according to her blood-suckin’ beau, Edward.

For those hoping to attract your own personal coffin jockey, you’re out of luck. Twilight the fragrance has disappeared like Dracula at sunrise, a victim of its own popularity -- and the fact that its red, apple-shaped bottle is a virtual copy of Nina by Nina Ricci. This has left the Twilight fragrance execs wondering which sucks harder: vampires...or lawsuits?

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