Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant frolicking in the mountains with a pyro and box of matches.

When Encens Flamboyant by Annick Goutal appeared on the scene in 2007, I rushed for it like it was my new best friend -- no questions asked. This eau de parfum is one of Goutal’s "Les Orientalistes" quartet, alongside Ambre Fetiche, Myrrhe Ardente and Musc Nomade.

For me, incense is an “anytime, anywhere” fragrance. It always fits the bill and it’s always a comfort -- kind of like breakfast cereal. It’s deep and cozy in cold weather, and miraculously transparent and refreshing in the heat. It’s an ancient material with a contemporary feel, and doesn’t conform to anything as tedious as a gender categorization.

I own an entire Vatican of incense fragrances, and I’d have to say my solid is Comme des Garçons Avignon. But Fume Floozy that I am, I’m quite happy to sneak off for a dalliance with Encens Flamboyant.


  1. I'm testing it today. I'm glad you wrote "transparent" because I couldn't think of the word to describe it...watery (what exactly do perfume fanatics mean by watery?)? thin? but definitely lovely

  2. Bloody Frida, depending on the context, "watery" could mean anything from thin and watered-down (watercolors as opposed to thick oil paint) to actually smelling of water, ie marine-like or ozonic.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry but I couldn't listen what you said in the video after "When it's all over, ........."

    Can you please complete the sentence as in the video? I really like your review and I wanna make sure that I listen to each and every word.