Estee Lauder Amber Ylang Ylang

...turns your skin into a yum factory.

Amber Ylang Ylang by Estée Lauder is the flip side of the amber coin from the bristly, 5 o’clock shadowed Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens. Amber Ylang Ylang is as sweet, soft and boneless as a sleeping cat in your lap.

AYY may be boneless, but it’s not spineless. This mellow blend of vanillic incense and woods lingers like no mother’s business, with a sillage that quietly lets you know it’s doing its thing.

Though more commonly available in an eau de parfum, I prefer AYY in the pure parfum form, where the resinous odor of labdanum asserts its leathery, animalic character. My fondness for AYY is stirred in part by its resemblance to my beloved Le Labo Labdanum 18, but before Labdanum 18’s trip to the animal-butt peep show.

I wholeheartedly recommend AYY to all you amber-chasers out there who guilelessly plop down perfume dollars for any niche amber you sniff. (Katie Puckrik, I'm talking to you.) Estée Lauder’s done a fine job with this easy, pretty, sensual offering.

Estee Lauder Amber Ylang Ylang is available from and, starting at $22 for 0.14 oz / $ 249 for 1 oz.